2023 Pacific Track Time Schedule

When it’s time to scuff a few knee pucks around the asphalt, we enjoy the vibe at the Pacific Track Time Trackdays. The PTT team has been excellent to work with over the years and some of our most memorable track time has been spent with the folks. If you plan to ride at Thunderhill Raceway, Sonoma (Seras Point for you older riders), Buttonwillow and sometimes they fit Laguna Seca onto their schedule, then please consider Pacific Track Time.

We have been riding on the track for a couple decades now and one of the most valuable things you can do as a sport bike rider is to spend time on the track. It is truly the only place you can tap into the potential of any modern superbike, plus its safe, fun and there’s no police to dampen your day. If you like hauling-ass then do yourself a favor and sign up for a track day. You’ll be hooked!

2023 Pacific Track Time Schedule
April 29-30 – Thunderhill West
May 19 – Thunderhill East
June 3-4 – Thunderhill West
June 16 – Thunderhill East
July 15-16 Buttonwillow Raceway
July 29-30 – Thunderhill East
August 19-20 – Thunderhill East
September 9-10 – Buttonwillow
September 16-17 – Thunderhill East – Season Finale